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The Back Room Gallery (BRG) at Ptarmigan Arts Gallery is excited to be hosting a Perspectives show that will be exhibiting through March.  The idea of a perspectives show is to take a singular image and ask our membership and local artists to give us their individual perspective or take on that image.  The chosen Image was a cute squirrel looking around from behind a tree.  

Each artist then will have a unique and fun perspective of this particular squirrel image, which will make for a fun and remarkable show for the months of February and March.  Submissions from members and non-members will include oil, acrylic and watercolor paintings, photography, glass, earrings and fiber arts.

The second First Friday event will be from 5-7 pm on March 6th.  Come on over for refreshments and enjoy all the interesting artwork centered around participating artist’s perspective on one of our favorite critters—a lively squirrel.


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