It’s Summer, And Here Come The Brides

We love brides here at Ptarmigan Arts. They have more energy than a dozen energizer bunnies, what with all the preparations for their upcoming big day. There are cakes to order, flowers to pick, dresses to inspect, ring bearers and flower girls to reign in, and food to order. The list is endless.

But up until now, we rarely saw brides, and we missed them. Their friends filed in and agonized over finding just the right locally made gift. We held their hands. We offered suggestions. But we all just guessed at what would be most useful/cherished/meaningful to the betrothed.

Well. We’ve fixed that. With our new bridal registry, giddy couples can peruse Ptarmigan Arts to their heart’s content and list all the goodies that will be useful/cherished/meaningful to them. Our helpful Artist of the Day will guide both bride and wedding guest through the process, but it’s pretty simple and fun to boot. The result will be a surefire hit. No more guessing for the friends, no duplicate gifts for the couple (although we all know two of anything from Ptarmigan is a bonus instead of a burden).

So, brides and grooms, come in and pick out the items you’d most treasure. There’s no place like Ptarmigan to get handcrafted gifts made with the care and attention that a momentous occasion such as a Homer wedding deserves. You’ve iced the cake, you’ve sniffed the flowers, you’ve adjusted the dresses, and you’ve bribed the ring bearers and flower girls. Take an afternoon to browse for those special things that you can’t find anyplace outside of Homer. Things that will say “home” when you return from your honeymoon.

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