Old Trucks, Cars, Guitars and Bars

Paintings etc. by Michael E. Murray, AKWS

Ptarmigan Arts Back Room Gallery cordially invites you to see Michael Murray’s interpretations of these titled things that make us reach back, remember, and celebrate our sense of community!

Michael feels that this show may be a transition point for him. We live in one of the most beautiful places on earth, so why the heck would he depict old, mostly disabled cars and trucks and people playing in bars and other venues?

Michael believes that there is some kind of nostalgia in old vehicles. We have progressed to safer, more reliable and more efficient cars and trucks, and yet our heads turn when we see a classic car of the past roll by. We (some at least) stop and look at old wrecked cars and wonder if this could be the one to restore?

Musical events in Homer are numerous and often held in local bars, which sort of double as quasi community gathering spots for some performances. Most concerts in Homer are small enough to allow interactions with the performing artists either from outside or local.

Michael played in music groups in high school and college, and now finds himself participating in music locally both as a performer and as an audience member. He says the tools of the trade, like the old cars, bring back tones and memories of days past. He records these events in sketches and photos, which may evolve into paintings–hopefully with a story to go with them as well.

Michael has fun with his paintings, but he also struggles to get them to convey what he has visualized and to get it down on a surface. He says that starting is often the challenge, and then stopping for sleep becomes the next challenge as hours slip by immersed in the work. The subject is just the beginning of the process, and how it is interpreted and composed is the art of it.

The First Friday opening reception for his show Old Trucks, Cars, Guitars, and Bars will be at Ptarmigan Arts Gallery from 5-7 pm on December 5. Refreshments will be served. The exhibit will be in the Back Room Gallery until December 30. Come on in for a nostalgic fun show and reminisce.


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