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The Back Room Gallery (BRG) presents a new members’ show entitled Art and Math for February and March.  This new exhibit presents a variety of interpretations and media using the unique interplay between art and math.

The theme of Art and Math started as a discussion about how math affects and informs what we do.  Then it became a challenge to consciously create works of art that deliberately and thoughtfully use principals of math (and related fields of geometry, perspective, algebra, light refraction, temperature, molecular weight, etc.) in the creative process.  Yet this is still only a small portion of this concept.

As we know, artists are usually very intuitive.  How does math relate to the intuitive process?  For example if we study architecture, we can often see aesthetic purpose and beauty using a highly mathematical discipline.

The artwork for this show includes wood wall clocks (what’s more mathematical than a clock?), tall ceramic vases and ceramic tiles. We have paintings of architecture and paintings with geometric forms.  And we have intricate bead sculptures, photographs and more.

The opening reception for Art and Math is on Friday, February 2 from 5-7 p.m.  Refreshments will be served.

This new BRG show will be on display for both February and March.  You won’t want to miss this awesome combination of art and math.  All are welcome to see how our members were up for this challenge and see the many ways they have chosen to create with this unique theme in mind!


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