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FAQ’s About the 2023 Ptarmigan Arts Visual Arts Scholarship

The application for the 2023 Ptarmigan Arts Visual Arts Scholarship is now available. Applications are open to students from the following high schools: Connections through KPBSD (residence must be on the Southern Kenai Peninsula), Homer High School, Homer Flex, Kachemak Selo, Nanwalek, Ninilchik, Nikolaevsk, Port Graham, Razdolna, Susan B. English, or Voznesenka.

If you are a high school student in the 11th or 12th grade, or a post-high school student up to the age of 21, looking to further your education in the visual arts (for example: painting, sculpture, pottery and ceramics, mixed media, fiber arts, graphic design, drawing, or photography) this would be a good scholarship for you to pursue. Scholarship funding can be used for summer classes, workshops, apprenticeships, art supplies, and college tuition.

The scholarship, like many available throughout the Homer area, is supported by a fund administered by the Homer Foundation.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Ptarmigan Arts Visual Arts Scholarship

Q: Where should I go to find out more about applying for the scholarship?
A: Start here, on the Homer Foundation’s Scholarship Applications page. You’ll find detailed information that will help you figure out which scholarships would be a good match for you.

Q: Where do I find the application for the scholarship?
A: Here, on the Ptarmigan Arts Visual Arts Scholarship page. Click on “Apply” to get started.

Q: I’m a junior this year. Can I apply for the scholarship?
A: Yes. The scholarship is open to students in the 11th and 12th grades.

Q: I graduated from high school last year and am taking time off before I start college. Can I apply for the scholarship?
A: Yes. The scholarship is open to students up to the age of 21 who reside in the Homer Foundation service area.

Q: How much funding is available through the Ptarmigan Arts scholarship?
A: A total of $2,000 is available to be awarded.

Q: What’s the application deadline?
A: March 24, 2023 at 11:59 PM (Midnight, Alaska Daylight Time).

Q: The instructions say that three finalists will be asked to present their work at a Ptarmigan Arts gallery meeting in April. What does that involve?
A: Currently our monthly gallery meetings take place by Zoom rather than in person. By April, who knows? But whether in person or online, our artist members will enjoy meeting you and talking with you about the inspiration for your artwork and your plans for the future. We’re a friendly bunch, and we really want you to succeed in your education and artistic endeavors. We’ll ask you to present samples of your artwork and to tell us about your creative process.

Q: Who provides the financial support for the Ptarmigan Arts Visual Arts Scholarship?
A: The artist-owners of Ptarmigan Arts gallery and many members of the community support the scholarship through the donation of artwork and other items that can be purchased outright or, in previous years, through an auction format. The proceeds of the sale of the artwork are deposited into our fund with the Homer Foundation. At the beginning of each year, the amount available for scholarship awards is announced – this year, we have $2,000 to give out – and then throughout the year we continue our fundraising efforts to support the following year’s award.

Q: So this is really a community-wide effort to support aspiring young artists?
A: Indeed.  

Q: I have a few more questions. Who should I contact?
A: Questions can be directed to Gary Lyon at 907-299-2000 or sealion@xyz.net.


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