Jeff Szarzi for December First Friday/Saturday


Ptarmigan Arts Gallery is happy to announce the artist for December’s First Friday Pop-up show.  The show will feature our own member Jeff Szarzi, a well-known and talented local potter.

Jeff stated, “In my past, I was a field biologist, carpenter, and science teacher.  I started my adventure in clay 13 years ago as a curiosity.  

“My surface designs reflect my love for the outdoors–themes that include imagery of animals, plants, and the landscapes that catch my eye.  All my images are hand drawn and carved, then combined with glazes that are designed to complement the subject.”

Jeff will be showcasing new sgraffito floral and berry design mugs and platters bordered with a micro crystal matte glaze.  His pottery will also include some new crystalline glaze mugs and growlers.

Jeff Szarzi will be on site at the gallery Friday, December 3rd from 4pm to 7pm and Saturday December 4th from 11am to 4pm.  So, on Friday and Saturday he will be available in person to describe his carving process and glazing chemistry for our customers.  Don’t miss this opportunity to see Jeff’s artwork and discuss with him the various pieces he has on display.


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