Troy’s Paintings

By Sebastian Troy Pierre

Sebastian Troy Pierre is the featured artist in our Back Room Gallery (BRG) for the months of December and January.  He was born in Manchester, England and emigrated to Florida with his family when he was six years old.  Troy moved to Homer almost a year ago.  He finds Homer to be a supportive place with inescapable views of beauty.  He appreciates the overwhelming vastness and natural wonder of Homer that inspires a feeling of awe accompanied by humbleness.  For an artist, “there is no shortage of raw material in Homer”! 

In the last six years, his primary focus has been painting.  He has already left his mark on the Homer art community.  Troy became a consignment artist at Ptarmigan Arts Gallery.  He currently teaches painting to budding artists at the Homer Council on the Arts.  His personal philosophy (thoughts that come to him while painting) is that we are the collective life upon this world as it is changing, evolving and growing.  And our actions ripple out consequences into the lives of others.  Troy sees his life as a river always flowing in the same direction.   

Troy’s paintings emit the energy inherent in nature and his primary colors blend beautifully into the secondary colors.  Most of his artwork has intriguing backlighting.  Troy believes that art is his vessel or raft upon which he floats and his paintings are a way of projecting positive energy onto the world that he hopes the viewer receives.

Come float on Troy’s raft at Ptarmigan Arts Gallery BRG on First Friday, December 2nd from 5-7 pm.  As always, refreshments will be served.  We hope you can join us to experience that positive energy and the beautiful colorful paintings by Sebastian Troy Pierre–see you there!

3 Responses to Troy’s Paintings

  • His work is beautiful and depicts an Alaska I’ve only been told of. My friend Alan kelly lived in Homer for over 30 years and we corresponded throughout that time until his untimely death in September 2015.
    Is it possible to buy prints of these paintings, if not the paintings themselves?

    • Linda, Troy’s work is available through Ptarmigan Arts gallery in Homer. All of Troy’s paintings are originals, not prints. Thanks for getting in touch with us.

  • Simply, hauntingly beautiful… I live in Pennsylvania and lost a life- long friend who died in Homer in September 2015. I never had the opportunity to visit Alaska, but these paintings bring the essence of how Alan described his life to me there alive. Are prints available?

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