Welcome New Artist Lynn Marie Naden


Ptarmigan Arts Gallery would like to announce another new member to our burgeoning family of inspired artists. Her name is Lynn Marie Naden.  She is actually a past member of the gallery (during the 1990s) then using the medium of clay.

Her current passion is fiber arts.  She has three different disciplines on display at the gallery:

1) Silk scarves and wall hangings,

2) Tea towels and

3) Wax wraps (for food).  

 Here is her artist biography in her own words:

“Let me begin by saying, the visual arts are a huge factor in my life.  I have worn many hats in the arts field as a self-supporting artist including student, teacher, gallery member, gallery owner, public and private commissioned artwork, manufacturer, retail and wholesale sales, experimental installations, and curator–also sat on various boards to promote the arts and arts education.  Having an ever-insatiable curiosity to the many mediums and techniques for artistic expression and application, I have explored many and mastered a few.

“Growing up in a farming family in the San Joaquin Valley, I ran a produce market on the way to Yosemite at an early age.  This supported my Fine Arts education at California State University Chico.  Upon graduating in 1980, I worked as a manager for a pottery supplier and later as a senior sculptor for Duncan Ceramics, before becoming a freelance sculptor mold maker.

“After arriving in Homer in 1990, I worked predominately in clay. My hand-built wares and sculptures consisted of Sagger, Raku and Electric fired pieces.  I still work in clay, but have found it increasingly unsustainable as a medium, especially here in Alaska.  I enjoy the versatility of cast paper for installation works for gallery exhibits, such as the most recent “Root” exhibit at the Pratt Museum (2018) and for public art, such as the ABC’s of Kachemak Bay in the Homer Library.

“Seven years ago, I went to an impromptu workshop with the Homer Fiber Arts group on silk painting.  Since the workshop, I have been exuberantly exploring the different methods of hand painting silk and fabrics, dyeing, marbling and printing.  I use sustainable materials, non-toxic dyes, and snow (when possible).  Any printings are from hand carved blocks or natural foliage.  Each piece is one-of-a-kind and comes labeled with materials used and instructions on care.”

Come on in and welcome Lynn to our gallery.  Her silk scarves and wall hangings are exceptionally lovely and colorful.

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