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Introducing Maygen Lotscher


Maygen Lotscher is our newest member to Ptarmigan Arts Gallery.  This is good news and we would like to tell you more about her and her artwork.  She is a talented ceramicist and potter, and she loves the idea of being part of a community of artists.  We are happy to introduce her and share some information about Maygen. 

Background Information:  Maygen has been a ceramicist since 1993.  She is the recipient of a Rasmuson Arts Educator grant, the Stranded Artist grant, and a full scholarship as an MFA graduate teaching assistant.  Maygen has exhibited her artwork throughout Alaska.  

Maygen was born in Royal Oak, Michigan.  She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Ceramics from Northern Michigan University and a Masters of Education from the University of Alaska.  She was an art educator for over a decade and taught ceramics at Homer High School and the University of Alaska’s Kachemak Bay Campus. 

In Her Own Words:  “When walking the shores of Kachemak Bay, treasures fill my family’s pockets and make the journey home.  These sea objects remind me of the time spent in nature, the laughter of my children playing, and a feeling of calm in the fresh salt air.  These small forms inspire me to take the time to slow down and observe their delicacy. 

Working with clay, holistically roots me to my ancestors, humanity, nature, and a larger reality. As an artist, my role is to access, evoke, and explore the deeper levels of self and connect it to nature and spirituality.  My work is an invitation to utilize and reflect on purposeful beauty in everyday life.

I am intrigued by the unadulterated Alaskan landscape and continually inspired by the objects created by nature.  My work utilizes organic movement and texture repetitively across the forms.  I employ multiple clay building techniques to create functional pottery.  At times I will work with handmade molds, draping large slabs of porcelain on them.  At others times, the potter’s wheel is employed to throw stoneware clay.  This work is often altered, carved, or faceted past the wheel.  I work in series and reduction, and fire my work in a gas kiln to cone 10.”

Here is a sample of her artwork below.  Fans and friends can now view her artwork at the gallery.  Come on by to view her beautiful and functional clay and ceramic pottery.  Welcome to Ptarmigan Arts Gallery Maygen!


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