2023 Scholarship Awards

Congratulations to Leah Dunn and Amber Gilbreath, who were selected as recipients of the 2023 Ptarmigan Arts Visual Arts Scholarship. Recent graduates of  Homer High School, these young scholars and aspiring artists represent the very best of our community – and we wish them well as they pursue their collegiate careers.

Leah Dunn plans to attend Cal Poly Humboldt State University to study visual arts and environmental science. Leah’s life-long interest in art is reflected in this statement from her application: “My art is a reflection of what I love and value most in my life. Throughout my college years and beyond, I expect that art will continue to support my sense of identity as it develops further.”

Amber Gilbreath plans to attend the University of Alaska-Fairbanks studying visual arts and business. Amber expressed her future plans in her application as: “While working on my Bachelor’s in Fine Arts, I plan to develop my skills in my current mediums of choice (painting and sculpting), explore new media, and broaden my appreciation and understanding of art in general. I’d also like to pursue a Minor in Business so I can learn ways to promote my art and control my business finances responsibly. Following my post-secondary education, I hope to be a self-employed artist with my own gallery and primarily sell my work in my hometown of Homer, Alaska, alongside the many other talented local artists in the area.”

Leah and Amber, we wish you the very best as you celebrate your graduation and the start of your college endeavors.

Ptarmigan Arts is grateful to the Homer Foundation, through which the scholarship fund is administered. Thanks also go to the artist-owners of the gallery and many members of the community who donate their artwork to be sold for the benefit of the scholarship fund.

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