By Chris and Carol Beverly and Joanne Thordarson


For the month of August, the Back Room Gallery (BRG) at Ptarmigan Arts Gallery is presenting a photography show by members Chris and Carol Beverly and Joanne Thordarson entitled Between Heartbeats.  Chris, Carol and Joanne share a love of both photography and Alaska (especially Homer).  The theme of their show is embodied in the following haiku:

The dynamic world
Time stopped between heartbeats
Treasures for all time

The world is alive with movement, changing from moment to moment.  Creatures swoop and dive, clouds race and branches wave in the wind, and light shifts and flows across the world in ever-changing colors.  This show captures the world between heartbeats as seen through the eyes of three photographers.

Chris and Carol Beverly came to Alaska to photograph the stunning beauty using the qualities of light and color in high latitudes that are hypnotic and ever changing.  From the incredible crystalline structure of ice to the wild chaos of a field of fireweed, they share their views of Alaska with you.

Joanne Thordarson came to Homer to enjoy its unique location and glorious scenery as well.  She photographs birds and other wildlife found on Kachemak Bay.  Joanne enjoys the action and reaction when viewing what the camera sees and capturing that special moment (if and when those beloved Rock Sandpipers wake up).

The opening reception for the show is from 5-7 p.m. on Friday, August 3rd.  Refreshments will be served.

Between Heartbeats will be on display in the BRG until August 28th.  Don’t miss the various perspectives of our own photographers in this exhibit that embodies the special beauty of Alaska!



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