This time of year in other—warmer—places, daffodils are coming up, lambs are being born, cherry trees are blooming. Here, we seem to be stuck in an endless cycle of rain, ice, rain, ice, brownness, grayness, occasional snow, wind, and dust.

However, the galleries in Homer are coming back to life after their February hibernation, and Ptarmigan Arts is no exception (except that we did not go into hibernation). Color blazes from the walls and shelves of Ptarmigan Arts. Ptarmigan Arts has been fortunate to attract artists who create colorful, lively work.

Returning to Ptarmigan Arts after an absence is Deb Lowney. Deb is a wood worker, but unlike the other wood artists in the Gallery, she sculpts and colors the wood to create her three dimensional and bas relief masterpieces. Some of her work is whimsical; other pieces are realistic, fooling the eye into believing the hardness of wood is the softness of cloth.

By Deb LowneyBy Deb Lowney


IMG_1537 IMG_1536


Ptarmigan also welcomes new watercolorist Olga Amaral. Her watercolors range from mysterious, ethereal nature images to charming, realistic portraits of shoes. If watercolor is your thing, you are sure to enjoy her display.

By Olga Amaral

Of course, in addition to the works of the new artists, color abounds throughout the Gallery. If you are feeling “greyed out” by the un-spring here in Homer, pop on in and surround yourself with color.

IMG_1401 IMG_1396 IMG_1385

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