Weekend Shows

Glass in Motion

By Cindy Nelson

Mosaics is the medium in the new Back Room Gallery (BRG) show for August by member artist Cindy Nelson entitled Glass in Motion.

Mosaics are a two‐dimensional and static medium. Cindy wanted to challenge herself by making them appear three‐dimensional and fluid. Glass has motion and fluidity only in its melting phase. For this particular body of work, Cindy felt compelled to try to unlock that motion by another method. Her method was to chip, crack, nip, and shape the brittle pieces in order to reflect the original fluidity of the glass.

Cindy also enjoys working with rolled opaque stained glass. Different colors are melted to a caramel‐like state, poured together, and then rolled out flat and thin to their final solid state. The swirls and streams of color are locked into the cooled glass, which gives the illusion of motion. This inspires Cindy to design around that motion.

The design process itself has been both challenging and rewarding. She started with the focal shapes and then worked the flow and movement into the background. Sometimes the pieces sat for a while with no background until suddenly what was needed became clear. She sometimes started with a vision and then it morphed or changed as it was created. The vision for some pieces came quickly while others took many weeks or even months to reveal themselves.

All of Cindy’s pieces have had their own challenges, but seeing the road that each mosaic eventually took was very rewarding for her. Cindy hopes you enjoy Glass in Motion. Her unique mosaics will be on display from July 7 through August 2 in the BRG at Ptarmigan Arts Gallery. All are welcome!