Featuring Digital Paintings


The Back Room Gallery (BRG) is happy to present Homer and Ptarmigan Arts Gallery artist Dan Coe.  Dan will exhibit his artwork in the BRG during the month of May.   

Dan’s delightful paintings are done using oils, acrylic and digitally.  Dan sees no difference between painting with a digital pencil on an iPad and painting with acrylic paint on canvas.  Dan’s paintings include landscapes, animals, and mythical creatures in varied sizes.  He will feature many digital paintings.

Dan is also well known for his beautiful signs around Homer and for his lovely painted furniture.  His paintings can be featured in a gallery, on the bottom of a skateboard deck, or on the walls of a lodge.  He can do it all!

Be sure to stop by during the First Friday reception on May 4th, 5-7 pm.  Refreshments will be served.

And on this particular First Friday, Dan will share an opening reception bonus—he will be there to demonstrate his digital technique.  Come on by for this demonstration or any time until May 29 to view his colorful and unique show.  See you there!


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