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Welcome New Artist AnnaLisa Cox


Ptarmigan Arts is happy to welcome a unique new Alaskan artist.  AnnaLisa Cox spent much of her childhood around her grandmother who shared her passion for art.  They went to art galleries and discussed color, technique, and texture.  In art stores, she watched her grandmother purchase paint, one tube at a time, as there was always a certain color needed for a special project.  They assembled collages together while she listened to her grandmother explain about bridging color.  Needless to say, they shared a mutual love of vibrant colors.

Inspiration for their art projects frequently arose from a desire to create something beautiful with the colors they saw.  After her grandmother passed, AnnaLisa inherited all of those special colors along with other paint supplies. This offered an opportunity to put all of their passion for color into her own style of painting.  

AnnaLisa uses bold, rich, vibrant, multi-dimensional colors, as well as other globally sourced ingredients, to create one-of-a-kind fluid acrylic paintings that not only change when placed in different lighting conditions, but they also engage the viewers imagination to find a way to explain and express what is seen. 

AnnaLisa’s artwork can now be viewed at Ptarmigan Arts Gallery.  We are happy to welcome such a talented artist with her colorful and creative artwork.  Come on by—images of her artwork are not the same as seeing the incomparable originals.


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Homer, Alaska 99603

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