Found objects

Grey Wood, Roots and Beavers

By Atz Kilcher: Son of the Alaskan Homestead

The artist featured in our Back Room Gallery (BRG) for the month of June (June 3 to June 29) is none other than Atz Kilcher.  The exhibit is entitled Grey Wood, Roots and Beavers.  Some of the many facets of Atz’s life experience include veteran, social worker, music educator, logger, rancher, college graduate, lifetime Alaskan, log home builder, singer-songwriter, artist, husband and father.  Ptarmigan Arts is happy to have Atz returning to our BRG with his artistic creations.

Whether making jewelry from natural and found objects or weaving his baskets from local roots and fibers, Atz has found a unique way to combine his creativity, his love of nature, and his sense of what makes art.

Observing art in nature, seeing the artwork of his brother the beaver (and sometimes borrowing from him), and gathering natural materials is as gratifying to him as actually making art.  “When somebody buys a piece of my art,” says Atz, “I give credit to nature and my love of the natural world.  I merely consider myself the carrier or the re-arranger.”

In this show, Atz honors his mentor the beaver and also the horse that takes him to faraway places otherwise hard to reach.

The First Friday reception is June 3rd from 5–7 pm.  Or stop by any time during June to enjoy the artistry of Atz Kilcher’s Grey Wood, Roots and Beavers.


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