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Paintings by Achim Jahnke

Ptarmigan Arts is honored to present our new show in the Back Room Gallery (BRG) featuring paintings by member artist Achim Jahnke.  This exhibit will be available for viewing August 4-29.  Achim’s artwork is multimedia, but primarily oil painting with touches of acrylic.  

When Achim reached middle age, he became aware of age-related laziness so he decided to write and paint.  His goal was to paint one painting a year, which he later discovered often to be a frustrating undertaking.  Achim wanted to stay active, but thought he lacked the schooling necessary to paint.  Turns out he most assuredly has the necessary talent and a real gift for painting.  Achim works mainly in black and white.  He tells people that he has not graduated to using color yet.  Actually, if truth be told, he likes black and white better.  

All of his paintings are in purple frames.  He felt that black was too dark and white reminded him of a hospital.  Gold was too much and silver seemed cold.  After trying other colors, he finally chose purple.  Why?  It just works and one cannot always explain inspiration.

Achim and his wife Renee are both members of Ptarmigan Arts Gallery.  They have lived in Homer since 1981 and find Homer to be a marvelous place to live.  Achim and Renee find residence here conducive to writing and painting (Renee is also an accomplished painter).  They cannot imagine themselves living anywhere else.

The grand opening of Images will be on Friday, August 4th from 5–7 pm.  Refreshments will be served.  Come and enjoy the unique vision and beautiful paintings by Achim Jahnke.



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