tube show


By Ptarmigan Artists


Ptarmigan Arts Back Room Gallery has a unique and fun show for the month of November.  The Homer community is cordially invited to our Tube Show where member artists have created artworks using a tubular form or representing a tubular form.  For example, we will have on exhibit tall ceramic vases, kaleidoscopes, pens turned on a lathe, and watercolor paintings of trees.

Using the theme of tubes as a starting point was a challenge.  Yet when you consider our world alone, it is full of tubular forms including blood vessels, necks, arms and legs et. al.  Industry too is full of pipes, hoses, conduits, culverts and a whole lot more such as subways, submarines, and space rockets.  We all utilize tubes when we write a check or a letter.  So tubes are really everywhere.  We see them so often that we don’t “see” them unless we’re looking for that particular form and then they are everywhere!

Our artists contributing to the Tube Show include Renee Jahnke, Joanne Thordarson, Dan Fischer, Debbie Fanatia, Jeff Szarzi, David Kaufmann, Ted Heuer, Chris Beverly, Kathie Baldwin, Jean Steele, Olga Amaral, and Heather Floyd.

The First Friday reception is from 5 to 7 pm on Friday, November 2nd.  The November show will be available for viewing until December 4th.  Come on by to enjoy seeing tubes from many different perspectives!


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