By Debbie Fanatia

The Back Room Gallery (BRG) at Ptarmigan Arts presents Botanica for the month of July. This show features the photography of Debbie Fanatia.

Debbie has been in various horticultural professions for over 35 years. She uses a variety of cameras from iPhones to point-and-shoot to professional cameras for her photography. She especially enjoys taking photographs of her surroundings while working as a talented gardener.

Debbie uniquely captures the intricate forms of flowers and plants using black and white photography. However, she also appreciates the riotous colors and mingling of textures that color photography provides. She uses each photograph to tell a story about the world that she has immersed herself in.

For instance, Debbie shows us that the stamen of a lily up close tells as much about our environment as the sweeping vista of an aspen grove in late fall. She sees beauty in vegetables, flowers, trees, and all their attendant parts. Having a camera with her at all times (whether it’s hung around her neck or tucked in her pocket), has allowed her to see the natural world differently—that is, in frames both separate from the man-made cacophony and yet a distinct part of it.

Botanica will be available in the BRG from July 3rd to August 5th. All are welcome to enjoy photographs of the beauty in our gardens and beyond.


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