The Artists

 Artist NameWebsiteSocial MediaDescription of Artwork  
Amaral, OlgaDiamond Ridge Art Studio FacebookWatercolor paintings; outdoor scenery incl. boats, wildlife, mountains, portraits.
Arno, Chelsey FacebookHandmade skirts from recycled sweaters with applique artwork and leg and wrist warmers.
Baldwin, KathieBeaded sculptures, beadwork on driftwood, and mixed media wall art.
Briggs, DianePhotography: Landscape and Wildlife; metal prints and framed prints.
Carpenter, ChelseaFiber Arts: Unique and handmade macrame and macraweavings.
Chamberlain, Jenny Facebook

Ceramic arts; cups, scoops, pitchers, plates, earrings, ornaments.
Christy, David and CarylDecorative and functional fused glass with wildlife incl. spoon holders, platters, and relief artwork; drawings on rustic wood.
Cox, AnnaLisa Facebook

Fluid art design--artwork using fluid acrylic paint with vibrant colors.
Deal, Chick and BarbJewelry using sterling silver, ancient ivory-fossil walrus, mammoth ivory-natural stones, one-of-a-kind pieces.
Dean, M'fanwy*M'fanwy Dean Prints and Graphic Arts FacebookCarved wood panels, ink miniature scenes, miniature woodblocks, woodcut prints, graphic art; cards.
deSanno (Andersen), Heather FacebookDecorative pit-fired ceramic spirit masks, ravens, pins, magnets.
Drew, KathleenFish skin baskets and ornaments. Paintings in oil, acrylic and encaustic wax. Printmaking. Cards and art prints.
Dungan, Paul Paul Dungan PotteryHigh-fired stoneware and porcelain pottery incl. cups, bowls, plates, containers, ovenware.
Faeo, Laura Loon Call PotteryPottery wildlife figurines; hand painted birds and wildlife, cups, spoon rests.
Galbraith, Allison A. Galbraith Jewelry Instagram Handcrafted jewelry incorporating ethically sourced semi-precious stones and ivory, sterling and fine silver, and seed beads.
Greer, Cheri*Original watercolors on pine wood boxes; prints.
Haigh, Ruby FacebookFunctional and decorative pottery incl. plates, cups, bowls; handmade mixed media wreaths; decorative tiles.
Heuer, Ted and Beth Ted's Woodshop Facebook

Segmented and stave wood turnings, bowls, pens, trivets, utensils, mills, clocks; photo cards of local Homer birds.
Jahnke, Achim and ReneeAchim: Framed oil paintings; various subjects/scenes. Renee: Original watercolors, prints, handmade cards and journal books.
Johnson, Susan*Landscape Photography (mostly): cards, framed, mounted on wood, framed on canvas and magnets.
Joy, JulesAlaskan Yarn Co.Hand-dyed yarn in two weights (sock yarn and chunky yarn) with many vibrant color options.
Kilcher, Mossy*Photographs of local Alaskan songbirds; CDs of bird songs; cards.
Kitchen, JanaanAlaska themed original framed batiks on rice paper; wax encaustic paintings; cards; prints.
Lowney, Deb*Carvings incorporating various woods, Alaskan landscape and wildlife themes, rivers and water flow, and animals.
Lyon, GaryAlaska themed wildlife hand-colored stone lithographs; original watercolors and acrylics; limited edition prints; small matted prints; postcards.
Mathes, Mary (Lazy M Leather)Various sized leather purses and incl. backpacks, wallets, journals; all hand decorated using Alaskan themes.
McDannel, MarcelleAlaskan Underwater Instagram Cold-water diver, underwater photographs of various Alaskan wildlife, flora and fauna.
Naden, Lynn Marie From the Studios of Lynn Marie NadenFiber Arts: Silk scarves and silk wall hangings, hand made printed tea towels, and washable wax wraps for food.
Nelson, Cindy Purple Crane DesignsGlass mosaics; bead work jewelry; fused glass pendants and ornaments; original collage watercolor cards; paintings.
Overpeck, GeorgeBetula TurningTurnings using locally-sourced wood, bowls and hollow forms incorporating natural edges and spalting; wood and resin earrings and pendants.
Pitcher, DonDon Pitcher Photography FacebookAlaskan landscape and wildlife canvas prints; matted prints; metal prints; travel guidebooks.
Reed, CarrieQuilts: Art quilts, original designs, 'kaleidoscope' technique, table runners, wall hangings and large quilts.
Schuster, KimAqueous Designs InstagramUnique wood segmentation pieces, geometric drawings, and watercolor paintings inspired by the marine life, the ocean, and landscape of Alaska.
Seymour, CarolynGiclée prints and cards of watercolor, pastel and acrylic paintings; original prints of woodcuts, etchings and engravings.
Simpson, Lauren Lauren Simpson ArtGiclee fine art paper prints, oil or acrylic on canvas paintings, watercolor paintings; greeting cards; vinyl stickers.
Skelton, LindaT-Bags: shopping bags and skirts made from recycled T-shirts; fur bears; knit hats; gloves.
Stewart, SusanBasket Weaving: Large, Reed using different designs, artistic, some painted with acrylic with resin inside.
Szarzi, Jeff Jeff Szarzi Pottery InstagramSgraffito stoneware and some porcelain incl. plates, bottles, jugs, tea pots, vases, cups, platters.
Thordarson, JoanneJ. Thordarson PhotographyPhotography--Homer birds, sea otters and wildlife on metal prints; matted prints; cards (framable); desk calendars; coasters.
Wagoner, Tom*Gemstone golf putters, Alaskan Jade, Serpentine, Petrified Wood (USGA inspected and approved); handmade pendants and earrings.
Yourdon, AledaAleda Yourdon PhotographyUnique Alaskan black and white artistic photography; prints; cards; magnets.
* Consignment Artist