After the recent disruption of Back Room Gallery (BRG) shows, the Ptarmigan Arts Gallery is excited about our July show featuring the wood artwork of member artists Ted Heuer and George Overpeck.  

Ted and George are both master turners and they have their own unique style along with a shared passion for the natural beauty and diversity of wood.  The solace of extra hours spent in the shop while self-isolating enabled both turners to experiment with new techniques and expand the boundaries of their creativity.

George’s turnings are mostly done with local woods and reflect the individual tree used.  Many of his works display the outer limits of a transformative microbial process known as spalting.  His usual practice is to create simple forms that display the surface of the wood.  More of George’s work can be viewed on his website at www.betulaturning.com.

Ted specializes in functional art made to be admired as well as often used.  He utilizes all types of hardwoods, both exotic and domestic, and often combines multiple species of wood in one piece.  Ted favors segmented construction in his turnings and specializes in stave bowls and dizzy bowls.  More of his work can be found on his website at www.tedswoodshop.com.

The Fruits of Distancing opens on Friday, July 3 and will be on exhibit through August 4.  In response to the Covid-19 situation in Homer, Ptarmigan Arts will not be hosting a First Friday reception.

The gallery is open on a schedule of reduced hours–currently 12 to 4 p.m. Friday through Monday.  Occupancy is limited to ten visitors at a time.  Gallery visitors are requested to maintain six-foot social distancing between household groups, and face coverings or masks are required (available free of charge for those who need a mask).  Hand sanitizer is available at both entrances to ensure a safe gallery experience for guests and staff.  

All are cordially invited to come by and visit our The Fruits of Distancing show.  Anyone who loves wood and functional artwork will be amazed at what these two master turners can do with all manner of wood.  This is a delightful show that the whole family can enjoy!  We have taken every precaution to make it a safe and satisfying visit for a very special exhibit.  Welcome!

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