Wild Arctic Life

By Ed Hutchinson

Ed Hutchinson’s August exhibit at Ptarmigan Arts Back Room Gallery (BRG) showcases arctic animals, birds, and sea life that have to contend with global warming.  It is also a celebration of their beauty and sometimes quirky ways.  And for the first time, Ed merges his colorist painting style with his white-on-white style–a preview of things yet to come and it’s something of an experiment.

Ed paints in three genres: 1) white paint on white canvas of Arctic wild life; 2) whimsical paintings which poke fun at some of the foibles of human existence (such as a surfer surfing on a halibut), and 3) highly colorful landscapes, seascapes, and skyscapes.

Ed’s mother was a painter and sculptor and she encouraged him from a very young age to enjoy music, photography, literature, painting, and culinary arts.  She put a paintbrush in his hand when he was three.  Then she asked him to put red paint on the chimney of a cottage she had included in a holiday card printed from a linoleum block.  When Ed spread the paint beyond the chimney, his mother complimented him on his “abstract sensibility.”

Ed Hutchinson is an award-winning international artist living in Homer. He studied art history at Boston University and studio art at the Red Brick Artist Collective in Berkeley, California.  In 2015, the Homer Council on the Arts selected Ed for one of its ‘Artist of The Year’ Awards. Stephan Fine Arts in Anchorage represents Ed’s artwork on a year around basis.  He is also represented by Heatherton Gallery in Port Angeles, Washington.

Ed’s paintings are in homes, businesses, and government buildings in 30 states as well as European and Asian countries.  He owns The Whetstone Gallery & Studio, first opening in Seattle during 2003, then Anchorage in 2006 in the Turnagain Community Arts Building, and finally in Homer in 2015. The mini-gallery shows his own work in addition to a dozen other significant Alaskan artists.

Ed’s motto for the Whetstone Gallery and for his artwork generally is “Serenity, Simplicity, and Excellence in Artistic Expression.”

Ptarmigan Arts Gallery BRG will have the First Friday for this wonderful and whimsical show on August 5th from 5:00-7:00 pm—as always refreshments will be served.  See you there!

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